The Origins of a Gambler


As we trace our ancestry we find remnants of evidences that our forefathers may have engaged in some form of gambling. Drawings on caves or paper have a been recorded by well meaning archaeologists. Diggings in Central Asia uncovered are that had artifacts that looked like dice or board games honed from human or animal bones.

Even among the tombs of pharaohs and queens there were discovered games. We can somewhat assume that the princely court enjoyed these fun games. Perhaps it should be pointed out that when the bodies of the pharaohs were buried, there were slaves or attendants that were likewise buried alive.

The richness of the tombs together with the variety of games found exhibited gold and precious stones that may have been used as pieces for a game. These findings simply brings to the point that that the kings entertained themselves by playing games, with a wager or not, we do not know exactly.

Gambling does not discriminate a gender. Gambling is for anyone who wants to pursue a game of chance. The implications are that gambling is fun, relaxing and entertaining or that gambling is addicting, difficult and worthless.

However, the general term to describe this game called gambling is RISKY. You may win or you may lose.. Your wins may be big or small. Human nature is inquisitive . Man is adventurous and goes for the unknown factors especially found in some games like the poker and the baccarat or blackjack. An individual’s aggressiveness or sense of competition gives way to his choices in gambling.

A very serious gambler takes all the necessary steps to win. The player will exhaust valuable information to ascertain his chances of winning. It is a losing gamble to carry a “come what may ” attitude.

He impresses other players that his resources are big and that he can afford to lose to the delight of the casino house. Certainly he could use positive tips to increase his wins. The player may consult professional gamblers for a particular game. Most of all he should be acquainted with the house rules on betting.

There are several videos to view, and abundant expert magazines to read. For example, in horseracing you might want to get interested in thoroughbred horses and its characteristics. The beginning player may go on practice games on line for a while. He could easily stay away from the so called “know all” persons otherwise he will just depend on them to make choice decisions.

It’s always bettor to make your own decisions rather than to lose because of someone else bad advice. Dependency on another player’s wrong moves could make you lose considerable money and make you a weak. with no confidence player.

Cultivate a high degree of education in gambling. After all it’s your money well earned that is at stake.

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