Payment Methods for Gambling Affiliates


The ways in which gambling affiliates are paid is an ever-changing adventure recently. A wide variety of payment methods are used to pay poker, casino and other gambling affiliates. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, figuring out how you’re going to receive your money from these programs. Some of these methods are familiar to the average person, while others may seem a little confusing, even dubious.

This variety of payment methods adds another level of caution that must be taken by the affiliate marketer to ensure he gets paid quickly, without costing more than necessary. This article will explain several of the more popular payment methods for affiliate programs, from the most to least popular.

Wire Transfers

A wire transfer, also known as a bank transfer, is a method of transferring money from one bank account to another, usually through the bank where the account is open. Wire transfers are the one of the most popular affiliate payment methods, as well as the safest, as they are conducted from bank account to bank account, without a third party. Wire transfers are usually the fastest way to transfer money, with payment received within minutes, although some banks may take a day or two.

However, using wire transfer may be more costly when moving smaller amounts of money. For example, as of 2010, Bank of America charges $12 to receive money via wire. To get paid $100 from your affiliate program would cost you 12% of your profit. So having less expensive payment methods available is the way to go.

Using a Third Party Payment Provider

Some transfer service providers, i.e. PayPal, may not accommodate for your gambling related affiliate programs. Therefore you need to familiarize yourself with a service’s terms and conditions, to be sure they will allow you to use them as a payment method.

Here are some additional questions to ask while researching a potential payment provider:

Do they process payments in the currency of your country?
What’s the minimum/maximum withdrawal amount?
How long is the processing period?
How much will it cost?
Popular Payment Providers


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