The Inner Workings of Gambling Affiliate Programs


In the gambling industry, an affiliate marketing program is an agreement made between an affiliate, and a gambling company. Generally, this agreement dictates that the affiliate will advertise for the gambling company, and the gambling company will pay the affiliate for gamblers that sign up.

Usually, the affiliate owns a website, or portal where they add either banner adds, or text links that direct potential gamblers to another site. The site that it takes you to is paying the first website for this service. In the gambling industry, the payment almost always happens only if the player signs up, makes a deposit, and then meets certain criteria that varies from company to company.

The gambling affiliate industry is considered the most lucrative affiliate industry available, the only industry that is perhaps a more lucritive industry for affiliates is the porn industry. What it all boils down to is that gambling is a highly competitive market for affilaites, with very generous commissions paid out to successful affiliate marketers.

Gambling advertisements can be placed on blogs and websites, as well as in email newsletters. Other affiliates even print business cards and promote the online gambling venues offline.

When an affiliate website sends you to a poker room or gambling site, they will often give you a promotional code, that code tracks the player back to the affiliate, in addition to qualifying the person who recieves the code for some kind of special or discount.

The affiliate code, or affiliate tracking link that’s used in banners or text links allows the gambling affiliate to get credit for the referral. The customer gets a discount, the gaming site gets a new player, and more revenue, and the affiliate gets paid a commision. It’s a win win for all parties involved.

The affiliate website can make a hefty gain from participating in this “profit sharing” program. Typically a rate of about 20-50% of the net profits can be is paid out to the affiliate that originally referred the player. Even if they never lose, a poker player can generate thousands of dollars monthly in revenue for the poker site, and therefore for the affiliate.

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