Gambling Treatments


Gambling is a way by which many people are entertained. In some cases, however, gambling can lead to gambling addiction that in turn can lead to serious financial problems, suicide, and breakdown with in the family.

In the United States, there is a 5 percent of the total gambling population would succumb to the addiction. Gambling addiction is a serious concern and its psychological effects are most seen in men than women. It is gambling that can create the feeling of a rush whether one wins or loses and most times the feeling grabs hold of the player and creates a thirst for the feeling so that the player always has to feed it. It is at this stage that the addiction becomes dangerous. This is when the stage become critical and the player can either give in to the sickness or fight it.

Some of the signs that show the addiction are:

Constantly talking about sports or betting related subjects. Always toying with the idea of how to win better and faster. Gambling during work hours or right after work. Continuously getting into debt . Habitual Lying to friends and co-workers. Re4sorting to illegal means to help finance their habit. Neglecting financial obligations to family. Ignoring work details or work protocol. Displaying mood swings. Talking aloud on the next “job” or game to be played. Not eating or loss of appetite. Irregular fevers – usually in the evenings.

Most addicted gamblers feel the need to gamble in order to relieve the “stress” buildup and use it to escape into a fantasy world to avoid life problems. Some other symptoms may include shaking hands, twitching of eyes and neck and others. The signs are moir√© pronounced when the addiction is more

The treatment for these addictions depend on the severity of the symptoms. Most treatments usually combine some sort of professional counseling and the use of support groups. Medications can be prescribed but they have to be deemed appropriate for use. Not all treatments mean popping a pill every hour but need the will or the gambler to succeed. Meditation is another option for treatment since its focus is on the mental state of the person and meditation techniques, including the use of yoga, has proven to be a good non-drug treatment.

The best treatments are the ones that use group support for the presence of other gamblers who have overcome the addiction are the biggest and strongest testament that the treatment works.

Additional therapy is used to build back up the players model of self esteem and positive attitude.

Gambling addiction is indeed a serious threat to any gambler and the best one can do to avoid it is not let the game become the focal point in ones life. Family and friends come first before any roll of the dice or dealings of a hand.

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